Mental Health

Capital offense, executions, mental illness

Conversion therapy, prohibition of

Court appearance, gender-neutral language

Dementia and Alzheimer's, training

Farmer suicide prevention, approaches to problem, addressing

Farmer suicide prevention, focus attention on problem

Farmer-focused mental health service program; creation of

Firefighter's professional development and wellness program

Homeless youth, behavioral health screening, diagnosis, and treatment, allowing for

Juvenile responsibility, remove provisions on determination and treatment

Post-traumatic stress injury, day and month, designation of

Probation, certain public offenders completing treatment programs

School safety, school-based mental health professionals, assisting with

School-based mental health services provider, one in every school, goal of

Services for severe mental illness, provision of

Services to students, provided by school districts

Substance abuse disorder, update terminology

Veteran at risk, Green Alert, designation of

Voting rights, prohibitions relating to

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