Motor Vehicles

All-terrain vehicle, highway operation of, allowing

Damage, civil immunity, removal of dog or cat

Disabled veterans license plate fees, waiving of

Driving privileges, persons under 18, suspension for points assessed

Driving under the influence, hardship license

Driving under the influence, ignition interlock licenses

Electric vehicles, highway usage fee

Emergency vehicles, conservation officers, fish and wildlife

Headphones, use of while operating, prohibition

Highway preservation fee, establishment of

Highway work zones, double fines for traffic offenses in

Highway work zones, prepayable fine for speeding in

Kentucky Cattlemen's Association special license plate, establishment of

Kentucky Colon Cancer Prevention special license plate, creation of

Lane designations, allow on interstates and parkways, for vehicles greater than 44,000 pounds

Left lane restriction, vehicles greater than 44,000 pounds

Mileage-Based Transportation Funding Task Force, creation of

Mileage-based vehicle fee, Mileage-Based Transportation Funding Task Force, development of

Minor operators of motor vehicles without insurance, exemption from penalties

Off-highway vehicles, operation on public roadways

Off-road vehicles, taxation of

Operator's license, handgun provision

Operator's license, vision testing upon renewal

Operator's licenses and personal ID cards, emergency contact information registry, establishing

Operator's licenses, early renewal for citizens traveling abroad

Personal communication device, use by driver, prohibiting

Private vehicle rentals, certificates for program providers

Private vehicle rentals, group insurance policy requirements

Private vehicle rentals, procedures and regulations for

Repairs made with OEM parts, insurance reimbursement required for

Required security, basic reparation benefits, provider, definition of

Required security, basic reparation benefits, reasonably needed medical expenses, requirements for

Seat belt usage, technical corrections

Sheriffs, impounded vehicles, fees for

Special license plates, requirements

Special military license plate, clarify eligibility for

Special military license plate, spouse eligible for

Speed limit, 70 mph on Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway Extension

Speed limit, 70 mph on Interstate 165

Title and registration fees, driver license reinstatement fees, various other fees, increases in

Titling requirements, technical corrections

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