Occupations and Professions

Advanced emergency medical technician, certification, creation

Advanced practice paramedic, certification, creation

Advanced practice registered nurses, prescriptive authority of

Advertising for legal services, regulate

Alzheimer's disease and dementia, workforce assessment task force, creating

APRN, physician assistant, controlled substances, prescribing

Athlete agents, authorization to pay certain expenses by

Casino occupations, licensing for

Certified law enforcement telecommunicators, training stipend

Certified professional midwife, licensing of

Chiropractors, supervising chiropractic students in clinical practice by

Construction industry, misclassification of employees

Conversion therapy, prohibition of

Cosmetologists, practicing outside of licensed salons

Emergency medical services, certification and licensure, update of

Engineering, architects engaging in the practice of

Funeral director license, apprenticeship requirements for

Funeral directors and embalmers, continuing education requirements for

Health care providers, sexual misconduct, disclosure required

HVAC contractors, licensing requirements for

HVAC inspectors, certification requirements for

insurance adjuster, license requirement, exemption from

Insurance adjuster, license requirement, exemption from

Insurance agent licensing, financial requirements for

Kentucky Board of Licensed Professional Counselors, include one licensed counselor associate to the

Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, due process procedures

Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, hearing officers, random selection of

Licensed certified professional midwife, licensing of

Licensing boards, oversight of

Licensing boards, reporting requirements of

Long-term care facility employees, training and education requirements

Medical imaging technologists, alternative licensure for

Medicinal marijuana program, establish

Military service members, licensing and certification

Omnibus administrative revision relating to numerous occupations and professions

Pawnbrokers, create and maintain registry of buyers by

Physician assistants, controlled substances, prescriptive authority

Professional practice, expert witnesses, limitation

Real estate licensees, continuing education for

Real estate licensees, continuing education requirements for

Real estate licensees, license fees for

Real estate transactions, seller's disclosure of conditions form for

Requirements for structural steel welding

Scholarship and student loan default or delinquency, effect on occupational licensing

School speech pathologists or audiologists, requiring supplement for

Student loan default, effect on occupational licensing

Surgical assistants, licensing of

Taxes, county occupational license

Welding by mechanical engineers, exclusions from structural steel welding

Welding safety requirements, recommended for bridge welding

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