Probation and Parole

Administrative parole, creation of

Administrative release, creation of

Domestic violence, torture of a dog or cat, offenses involving family members, early release

Emergency medical services personnel, classification of certain crimes against as a violent offense

Hate crime, criminal homicide and fetal homicide, addition of

Hate crime, enhanced term of imprisonment for

Human trafficking, conviction, 85 percent service time

Parole Board, confirmation, Brenda Beers-Reineke

Parole Board, confirmation, LaDeidra Jones

Parole Board, confirmation, M. Melissa Chandler

Parole Board, confirmation, Patty Wininger

Parole sanction, supervision continuation, exception

Parole sanction, supervision continuation in lieu of revocation

Parolees, technical violations and absconding, graduated sanctions for

Probationers, technical violations and absconding, graduated sanctions for

Violent offender statute, add hate crimes

Violent offender statute, hate crime, addition of

Violent offenders, classification of

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