Public Utilities

Acquisition of water or sewer utilities, valuation of assets, rate base calculation

Affordable rates and service, distinction between base rates and surcharges

Broadband and information technology, Department for Local Government, responsibilities, removal of

Certificate of public convenience and necessity, ordinary extensions, exemption for

Cities, grants of rights of way

City, contracting with other cities for service provision

City utilities, definition of "municipality"

Definition of telephone utility, changes to

Economic impacts, analysis of coal purchases, urging Public Service Commission to consider

Electricity, renewable sources required

Eligible customer generators, restore soft one percent cap

Energy and Environment Cabinet, task force of water infrastructure stakeholders, creating

KentuckyWired contracts, prohibition of paid prioritization

Maintenance of current net metering rates, 25 years from initial compensation rate change

Martin County Water District, support PSC and EEC implementing solutions

Military service member, due to relocation, exemption from termination or suspension fees for

Municipal electric authority, creation of

Net metering, authorization for power purchase agreements, commission review and approval

Net metering, benefits along with costs, consideration during rate recovery

Net metering compensation rate, kilowatt-hour denominated energy credit

Net metering compensation rate, procedure for determination, Public Service Commission

Net metering compensation rate, Public Service Commission, ratemaking process

Net metering, compensation rates for excess generation, costs and benefits, consideration of

Net metering, fixed and demand-based cost, recovery of

Net metering, restore kilowatt energy credits, remove dollar and monetized denomination of credits

Public Service Commission, allow alternative regulatory methods, utility ratemaking

Rate cases, net metering compensation rates, right to intervene

Ratepayer interests, affordability, Kentucky Public Service Commission

Small drinking water systems, insolvency, prevention, study of

State of emergency, emergency funds, water crisis, Martin County

Trespass upon key infrastructure assets

Underground Facility Damage Prevention Act of 1994, amending of, mandatory membership

Water infrastructure task force, wastewater systems, membership expansion

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