Abandoned storage tank facilities and wells, remediation and reclamation of

Assault weapon, under 21, banning sale to or ownership of

CCDW, license holders, remove location restrictions for

Children and young adults, homelessness, prevention

Clothing with reflective material, mine sites, requiring

Concealed firearms, safety devices

Concealed firearms, training course

Dog or cat in vehicle, removal, civil immunity

Driving privileges, persons under 18, suspension for points assessed

Engineering, architects engaging in the practice of

Farm safety and health, recognize week

General aviation airports, inspection and licensure

Medal of Honor recipients, Kentucky State Police protection for

Medal of Honor recipients, requesting police protection for

Methamphetamine decontamination, authority of local goverment

Methamphetamine decontamination, authority of local government

Public postsecondary school property, concealed deadly weapons, lifting prohibitions on

Radon certifications, registration requirements

Radon certifications, restration requirements

Sexual, domestic, and dating violence, colleges and universities, comprehensive policy on

Sexual harassment and abuse, Department of Education to identify or develop, program on

Transportation Cabinet, bicycle helmets, requirement for children under 12

Underground Facility Damage Prevention Act of 1994, amending of, mandatory membership

Veteran at risk, Green Alert, establishment of

Veteran at risk, green alert, providing option for

Veteran at risk, Green Alert, providing option for

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