Universities and Colleges

Armed Forces member, spouse, or dependent, residency of

Contracts and leases, investors in, disclosure of

Eastern Kentucky University, establishing Commonwealth's Educational Laboratory School

Feminine hygiene products, free to students

Financial settlements, public funds, report

Freedom of speech, policies required to ensure

Governing boards, agency bonds, conditional authority to issue

Governing boards, capital projects, conditional authority to authorize

Harassment, definition of

Harassment, taking actions to address

Hazing, criminal offenses, elements of

Immigration laws, enforcement of, requiring

Institution sale proceeds, real estate and major equipment, not deposited in the general fund

KCTCS, certain employees of Commission on Fire Protection Personnel Standards, removing

KCTCS, endowment match, fund, creation of

KEES, allowing use for qualified workforce training program

KEES, allowing use for qualified workforce training program, beginning date

KEES participating institution, definition of

Kentucky Employees Retirement System, employer contribution rate for quasi-governmental employees

Kentucky equine educational programs, funding of

Performance funding model, extend stop-loss provision

Quasi-governmental entities, option to cease participation in KERS

Retirement, employer costs for reemployed retirees at university police depts.

Sanctuary postsecondary institution, determination of, hearing procedures

Sanctuary postsecondary institution, state funding, withholding of

School property, concealed deadly weapons, permit holders, lifting prohibitions on

Sexual, domestic, and dating violence, comprehensive policy on

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

Student-on-student harassment, delete language regarding

Teacher preparation programs, reading and math content, minimum requirements for

University of Kentucky School of Music, honoring

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