Corrections Impact

Abuse, exploitation, and neglect, definitions and penalties

Advertising for legal services, regulating

Animal cruelty, forfeiture of abused animal, requiring

Animal fighting, spectators and vendors, prohibiton on

Assault on a service animal, first degree, inclusion of assistance animals

Born-alive infants, protection of

Buying or selling fetal remains, Class A misdemeanor

Capital offense, executions, mental illness

Casino gaming, oversight of

Child abuse, reporting of

Child dependency, neglect, or abuse, required reporting of

Child pornography, under 12 years old, raising penalty for

Crime victims leave from employment

Criminal littering, unsafe amounts of leaves or mowed grass left on highway

Criminal littering, unsafe amounts of mowed grass left on highway

Criminal mischief, specific inclusion of damage to residential rental property under

Deadly weapons, concealed carry without license, repeal

Department of Corrections, jails, performance-based funding

Department of Corrections, state prisoners, transfer of

Disseminating personally identifiable information, minors, prohibition of

Domestic violence, conduct against domestic animals, including

Domestic violence, firearms possession, create crime

Early voting, omnibus bill

Elections, voter identification and issuance of personal identification card, omnibus bill on

Extreme neglect of a dog or cat, creation of crime for

Firearms, assault weapon registration

Firearms, comprehensive regulation of

Hate crime, enhanced term of imprisonment for

Human trafficking, conviction, violent offender status

Improper disposition of fetal remains, Class D felony

Intimidation of a sports official, create the offense of

Intimidation of a sports official, establish offense, Class A misdemeanor

Juvenile criminal responsibility, competency, procedures

Law enforcement officer, obstruction of body-worn camera by

Legal services, regulating

Local elected officials, prohibited conduct, criminal penalties

Marijuana possession, personal use quantity, prepayable fine for person under 21

Medicinal marijuana program, establishment

Minor cannabis offenses, expungement of

Nonsupport, reduce jail time and allow work release

Off-highway vehicles, operation on certain public roadways

Persistent felony offenders, jury's election not to enhance punishment

Possession of a controlled substance, reduced penalty for residue or trace amounts

Pretrial release, options for

Probation and parole, payment of fees

Probation program credits, creation of

Probation, revocation of

Provisional voting, establishment of

Racial and ethnic community criminal justice and public safety impact statement, requiring

Residential rental property, criminal mischief, penalty

Sentencing hearing, felony designated as misdemeanor in

Sex offenders, publicly leased playground, prohibition against

Sexual abuse, committed by driver for hire

Sexual contact, definition of

Sexual endangerment of a child, crime, creation of

Sexual offenses, procuring minors through communications systems

Sports wagering, licensing of

Statute of limitations, childhood sexual abuse

Tampering with the outcome of a sporting event, penalty for

Technical violations, graduated sanctions and revocation caps for

theft and fraud crimes

Theft and fraud crimes, raising felony threshold for

Torture of a dog or cat, specific acts of torture

Trespass upon key infrastructure assets

Trespassing, refusal to leave school property

Truck stop restrooms, human trafficking hotline, require posting

Uniform Parentage Act, adoption of

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition of

violation of a protective order, increased penalty for subsequent offenses

Voter identification

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