Distilled Spirits

Alcoholic beverages, common carrier reporting on transportation of

Alcoholic beverages, common carrier transportation of

Alcoholic beverages, shipment limits for

Alcoholic beverages, shipment of

Beverage straws, Styrofoam, and plastic carryout bags, ban of

Beverage straws, Styrofoam, plastic carryout bags, ban on

Countywide local option election, petition requirements relating to

Direct shipper license, annual fee for

Direct shipper license, requirements for

Distilleries, collaborative product sales of

Distilleries, minimum gallonage requirements, exemptions from

Distilleries, minimum produciton amounts for

Distilleries, minimum production amounts for

Distilleries, sales of products made in collaboration with brewer or microbrewer, allowance for

Distilleries, state-funded research universities, exempt from gallonage requirement

Distillery local option election sunset provision, removal of

Jointly branded collaborated products, allow microbrewers to sell in gift shop

Shipment by common carriers, reporting of

Wholesale tax equivalent, alcoholic beverages, calculation of

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