Military Affairs and Civil Defense

ASVAB, schools to offer test, grades 10 to 12

ASVAB test, inclusion in school accountability system

Gender-neutral language, addition of

Honor and Remember flag, emblem of remembrance, designation of

KEES scholarship, base amount for military transfer students

Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs, membership of

Kentucky Veterans' Hall of Fame, creation of

Military families, children, pre-enrollment in school

Military families, children, temporary enrollment in school

Military pensions, income tax deduction for

Military training and experience, credit and licensure for

Motor vehicle insurance, prohibition of patriot penalty

National Guard Adoption Assistance Program, amendment of

Post-Traumatic Stress Injury, recognizing

POW/MIA flag, emblem concern and commitment, designation of

Sergeant Robert I. "Gus" Koch, honoring

Spalding, Lieutenant John M., honoring for his military service

Special military license plate, eligibility for

State/Executive Branch Budget

State-sponsored group life insurance program for National Guard members

Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act, establishment of

Veteran designation on operator's license, proof required for

West, Sergeant Billy Ray, honoring

Women Veterans' Day, June 12, designation of

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