Agricultural Development Board, Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation, reorganization of

Cigarette tax, increase

Enhanced vapor product, definition of

Enhanced vapor product manufacturer, registration of

Enhanced vapor product manufacturers, unaccompanied minors prohibited

Enhanced vapor product retailer, registration of

Enhanced vapor products retailer, unaccompanied minors prohibited

Minors, tobacco and nicotine products, unlawful purchases by

Purchase of tobacco and vapor products, persons over 18, remove penalty

Smoking, employment discrimination protections, removing

State/Executive Branch Budget

Tobacco, alternative nicotine, and vapor products, raise minimum purchase age to 21

Tobacco offenses, minors, prohibit arrest

Tobacco product, definition of

Tobacco products tax

Tobacco products tax, increase

Tobacco products tax, increase rate

Tobacco products tax, vapor products

Last updated: 10/27/2020 12:10 PM (EDT)
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