House Bill 199

Last Action 01/09/20: to Health and Family Services (H)
Title AN ACT relating to mental health protection and declaring an emergency.
Bill Documents Introduced
Bill Request Number 115
Sponsors L. Willner, P. Minter, K. Banta, T. Bojanowski, C. Booker, G. Brown Jr, T. Burch, M. Cantrell, J. Donohue, K. Flood, A. Gentry, D. Graham, J. Graviss, C. Harris, C. Howard, J. Jenkins, N. Kulkarni, M. Marzian, R. Meeks, R. Meyer, C. Miller, J. Nemes, R. Palumbo, J. Raymond, A. Scott, M. Sorolis, C. Stevenson, S. Westrom, B. Wheatley, R. Wiederstein
Summary of Original Version Create a new section of KRS Chapter 210 define conversion therapy, mental health professional, and public funds; to prohibit mental health professionals from engaging in conversion therapy with a person under eighteen (18) years of age or a person who is eighteen (18) years or older who is an adult as defined in KRS 209.020 or a ward as defined in KRS 387.510 in conversion therapy; require violations to be subject to board discipline; prohibit public funds from being used for conversion therapy; add the short title "Mental Health Protection Act"; EMERGENCY.
Index Headings of Original Version Effective Dates, Emergency - Conversion therapy, prohibition of
Mental Health - Conversion therapy, prohibition of
Occupations and Professions - Conversion therapy, prohibition of
Physicians and Practitioners - Conversion therapy, prohibition of
Boards and Commissions - Conversion therapy, prohibition of
Short Titles and Popular Names - Mental Health Protection Act


  • introduced in House
  • to Health and Family Services (H)

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