House Bill 591

Last Action 03/04/20: to Natural Resources & Energy (H)
Title AN ACT relating to soil conservation and making an appropriation therefor.
Bill Documents Introduced
Bill Request Number 1907
Sponsor J. Graviss
Summary of Original Version Create new sections of KRS Chapter 262 to establish a Healthy Soils Program and a Healthy Soils Program fund in the Department for Natural Resources, Division of Conservation; require the department to provide technical advice and assistance, assist with soil health assessments and soil health plans; require the commissioner to approve applications for grants and other types of financial assistance under the Healthy Soils Program; authorize the department to promulgate administrative regulations to implement the Healthy Soils Program and the Healthy Soils Program fund; amend KRS 146.100 to require the director of the Division of Conservation to have experience in healthy soil practices; amend KRS 224.71-110 to require the Agriculture Water Quality Authority to promote soil restoration and include an organic agriculture organization among appointments to the authority and add healthy soil practices as a committee; amend KRS 262.010 to define "healthy soil practices," "soil health," "soil health assessment, "and "watershed health"; amend KRS 262.020 to add restoration, biological diversity, watershed health, and healthy soil practices to the purpose of soil and water conservation districts; amend KRS 262.748 and 262.778 to conform; APPROPRIATION.
Index Headings of Original Version Environment and Conservation - Healthy Soils Program, Healthy Soils Program fund, Division of Conservation, establishment of
Forests and Forestry - Healthy soil practices, Division of Conservation, requirements for director of
Pollution - Healthy Soils Program, Healthy Soils Program fund, Division of Conservation, establishment of
Water Supply - Watershed health and biodiversity, conservation district goals for
Agriculture - Healthy Soils Program, funding for farmers
Appropriations - Healthy Soils Program, funding for farmers


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  • to Natural Resources & Energy (H)

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