Elections and Voting

19th Amendment, women's suffrage, celebrating

Absentee ballot, mail-in, cancellation at the polls to vote in person

Absentee ballots, mail-in, address to which clerks are to send

Absentee ballots, mail-in, voter identification requirements

Absentee ballots, verification of on election day

Absentee voting, in-person, additional excuses

Absentee voting, in-person, no excuse

Absentee voting, in-person, two Saturdays before election

Absentee voting, mail-in, qualification for, family members in a medical emergency

Absentee voting, mail-in, voter identification requirements

Acceptable voter identification, original or copy of birth certificate if impediment

Affirmations, county attorney review, delete requirements

Affirmations, grand jury review, delete requirements

Ballot access, constitutional amendment proposal, gaming

Ballot issue, prohibition of contribution and expenditure by business incorporated outside Kentucky

Ballot issue, prohibition of contribution and expenditure by nonresidents advocating or opposing

Ballot printing, special elections, change from 15 days to 45 days

Board Members consolidated emergency services district, election of

Candidate filing deadline, extension of, limited circumstance

Candidates for elective office, submission of federal income tax returns, requirement of

Candidates for Governor, running mate selection, delay of

Casino gaming, local option elections for

Certain elected officials, recall of

Commission on legislative and congressional redistricting, establishment of

Constitution of Kentucky, pardons and commutations, governor's ability, limitation on

Constitution of Kentucky, Section 233, repeal of

Constitutional amendment, abolishment of Office of Lieutenant Governor, line of succession

Constitutional amendment, change election year of statewide constitutional officers

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, budget special session, compensation suspended

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, terms of members, extension of

Constitutional amendment, pardon prohibition period, execution date, exception for

Constitutional amendment, restoration of voting rights and prohibitions, proposal

County boards of election, training, attendance by county attorney

County boards of elections, time for appointment of members

County consolidation, funds for special election, from state

County consolidation, special election for

Countywide local option election, petition requirements relating to

Definitions, "proof of identification," expansion of

Designation of countywide voting locations, counties with population of 90,000 or more

Driver license application, automatic voter preregistration and registration, option to decline

Early voting, omnibus bill

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide

Fifteenth Amendment and Voting Rights Act, participants of Bloody Sunday, honoring

General Assembly, terms of members

General Assembly, terms of members, limit

General Assembly, terms of members, limiting

General Assembly, terms of Representatives, extend to four years

Governor, election of, when Lieutenant Governor designated

Hours poll open, extend from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Hours poll open, extend from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Kentucky Committee on Legislative Redistricting, establishing

Library districts, election of board members

Mail in absentee ballot application, requirements of

Mail-in absentee ballot, medical emergency, time to request and extension of who may apply

Mail-in and in-person absentee ballots, persons entitled to, expansion of

Omnibus voter identification bill, effective November 4, 2020

Persons eligible for, voter preregistraton, minimum age of 16

Political issues committee, prohibition of formation and registration by nonresidents

Political issues committee, prohibition of formation by business incorporated outside this state

Political yard signs, display on private property

Polling places, location change, notice requirements

Precinct election officers, method of appointment and qualifications

Precincts, maintain boundaries beginning January 1 in years ending in "0"

Precincts voting, single locations, procedures for

Primary, permit voters of political groups, political organizations, and independents to cast ballot

Proof of identification, original or certified copy of voter's birth certificate

Proof of identification, voter's original birth certificate

Proposed constitutional amendment, right to a clean natural environment, with preservation of

Restoration of voting rights, constitutional process of granting

Same-day voter registration ad voting on election day, new registrations

Same-day voter registration and voting on election day, new registrations

Same-day voter registration on election day

Secondary forms of identification, expansion of

Successful candidates for Governor/Lt. Governor, repayment of personal loans

Vacancies in elective office, extension of filing deadline to fill, limited circumstance

Voter affirmation, criteria for, lack of birth certificate

Voter affirmation form, reasonable impediment, addition of

Voter identification, impediment, original birth certificate, acceptance of

Voter identification, omnibus bill on

Voter identification, personal acquainance, addition of

Voter identification, personal acquaintance, addition of

Voter registration, automatic with driver's license application and other designated applications

Voting machines, straight-party option, removal of

Voting rights, prohibitions relating to

Women's right to vote, 100th anniversary of Kentucky's ratification

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