Emergency Medical Services

Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, training, encourage

Ambulance service districts, review of fee and tax increase requirements, exemption of

Ambulances, local governments, contracts with private providers

Certificate of need, elimination of

Certificate of need, standards, ambulance service providers

Chapter 75 fire districts, ambulance service in area with ambulance service district, offset of tax

Commercial Mobile Radio Service fees, collection, use, and accounting of

Consolidated emergency services district, provision for

Coronavirus, access preparedness

Drivers trapped in floods, liability for costs of rescue

During a disaster, taxation of

Emergency medical services personnel, disabled or killed, tuition benefits for spouse or children

Fee for emergency services authorized

Fire districts and subdistricts, emergency ambulance service, provision of

Ground ambulance provider, assessment of

Kentucky Emergency Preparedness Task Force, establish

Lifeline CMRS service charge, prohibit collection from end user

Lifeline provider CMRS service charge, federal universal service fund moneys, prohibit use of

Medicaid ambulance service provider assessment, create

Newborn safety device, permitting

Personnel killed in line of duty, transportation of

Public safety telecommunicators, categorization in Standard Occupational Classification system

Reciprocity, emergency medical services personnel

Sexual assault nurse examiner, 24 hours on duty at hospitals, require

Transportation by coroner of personnel killed in the line of duty

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