Abell, Judge Edwin P., memorializing

Abshire, Flora "Flo" G., memorializing

Allen, Murrell Gene, memorializing

Anderson, Sidney William, Jr., memorializing

Barbee, Ramona, memorializing

Bays, Reverend Ray, memorial bridge designation, Knox County

Blair, First Sergeant John D., memorial bridge designation, Harlan County

Blount, Nella, memorializing

Blume, Gerald L. "Jerry," memorializing

Brooks, Sheriff Ricky Monroe, memorial highway designation, Metcalfe County

Burbank William Fitch, Jr., memorializing

Burress, Matt, memorializing

Cantrell-Martin, Julia, memorializing

Cheuvront, Phyllis Rich, memorializing

Clark, Carolyn Upperman, memorializing

Comito, Rocky B., memorializing

Couch, Dr. Robert, memorializing

Cox, Jim, memorializing

Cox, Kayla Marie, memorializing

Cross, Donald P., memorializing

Dever, Marvin Lewis Jr., memorializing

East, Charles C. "Sid," memorializing

Edelen, Anna "Louise", memorializing

Eversole, Cpl. Ben, memorial bridge designation, Harlan County

Fightmaster, Donald "Don" C., memorializing

Ford, Wanda Marie Benson, memorializing

Gibson, Private Donald, memorial highway designation, Knott County, KY 899

Green, Oscar, memorial highway designation, Magoffin County, KY 3337

Hackley, Russell Clay, memorializing

Harned, Judith Glenn Smith "Judy," memorializing

Hearn, Lindsay Eugene Sr.

Heilman, E. Bruce, memorializing

Holbrook, Robin, memorial bridge designation. Magoffin County, US 460

Hoots, Joyce, memorializing

Horton, Janet Conley, memorializing

Howard, PFC Beacher O, memorial bridge designation, Harlan County

Jacobs, Bobby Wayne, memorializing

Jacobs, Jonathan "Johnnie" Everett, memorializing

James, Neal, US Highway 150, memorial highway designation, Lincoln County

Jones, David Allen, memorializing

Jones, Nathaniel, memorializing

Kirk, James Traver, memorializing

LeMaster, Phillip "Mouse" Morris, memorializing

Lewis, Bertha Mae, memorial highway designation, Leslie County

Markesbery, Dr. William R., memorializing

Mason, Andrew Lee "Biddie" Sr., memorializing

May, Thurman W. "Punch", honorary highway designation, KY 1056, Pike County

McCane, Sanford J. "Hank," memorializing

McCaw, Carrie Urton, memorializing

McCaw, Kathryn Celestine "Kacey," memorializing

McGaha, Scotty, memorial highway designation, Bullitt County, Kentucky Route 44

Meaux, Thomas Edward, memorializing

Meiman, Joy Lee Brady, memorializing

Mengedoht, Detective Deidre Irene, memorial highway designation, Jefferson County

Miller, Janie Renee, memorializing

Mooney, Danny Lowe, memorializing

Moore, Gary Leslie, memorial highway designation, Boone County

Moore, Marcella Hall, memorializing

Moynahan, Bernard T., memorial highway designation, Jessamine County, KY 1268

Mulkey, Cpl. Jeff, memorial highway designation, in Floyd County

Nelson, Rep. Charles "Preacher," memorial highway designation, KY 81, Muhlenberg County

Nolan, Taylor Rae, memorializing

Patten, Scott Thomas, memorializing

Patton, Sgt. Billy Ray, memorial bridge designation, US 23 in Lawrence County

Phillips, Randall G., memorializing

Prather, Lesley Denise, memorializing

Prather, Rhyan Denise, memorializing

Ramey, PFC Thomas Randell, memorial bridge, KY 40, Martin County

Ray, William, memorial highway designation, Pulaski County

Rich, Dr. James Ray, memorializing

Shearer, Kay, memorializing

Shepherd, Ballard, memorial bridge designation, KY 321 in Johnson County

Spalding, Lieutenant John M., memorializing

Staggs, Elbert Eugene, Memorial highway designation, Fleming County, KY 57

Stalcup, Lyle, memorializing

Stewart, Robert Houston "Bob," memorializing

Swafford, Ray, memorializing

Swift, Michael Timothy, memorial highway designation, Barren County, KY 90

Tapp, George Louis, memorializing

Terry, Garry L., memorializing

Tierney, John Prichard, memorializing

Tumlin, Lieutenant Colonel Grady Howell, memorializing

Ward, MSGT Otis Edward, memorial bridge designation, Harlan County

Wells, Billy, memorializing

Wenzel, Donald George Sr., memorializing

West, Emma Jacqueline "Jackie" Chambers, memorializing

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