Booth rental, lease breach, operator's lien, sale of personal property

Community Property Trust Act, creation of

Farmstead exemptions, five acres or more, exclude non-farming structures

Farmsteads, on-site sewage disposal requirements, exemption, five acres or more

Farmsteads, plumbing code exemption, minimum acreage requirement, five acres

Firearms, surrender, domestic abuse offenses

Firearms, surrender, domestic violence orders

Housing vouchers, family preservation services, facilitation of

Inmate canteen moneys, disposal of item purchased, funds to canteen account

Kentucky Uniform Powers of Appointment Act

Manufactured or mobile homes, private sales, transfer of title or ownership

Manufactured or mobile homes, requirements for a retailer to transfer title or ownership of

Manufactured or mobile homes, requirements to transfer title or ownership of

Planned communities, rights and responsibilities of

Political yard signs, display on private property

Preservation easement, historic places, recommendation before sale or transfer

Residential rental, criminal mischief, penalty

Special powers of appointment, exclusion from vesting period

Surviving spouse exemption, increase exemption amount for

Taxes, property transfer requirements, establishment of

Theft by unlawful taking, felony threshold, raising of

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