Reports Mandated

Active certified volunteer firefighter tax credit, annual report

Blockchain Technology Working Group, annual report from

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, insulin drug prices

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, pharmacy audit appeals

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, sober living homes, certification

Commissioner of education, strategic assessment and accountability committee findings, to IJCE

Department for Public Health, medicinal cannabis program

Department of Education, computer science courses

Department of Insurance, administration of pharmacy benefits, reports for

Department of Insurance, pharmacy audit appeals

Department of revenue expenditure report, baby products and diapers

Department of Revenue, expenditure report, feminine hygiene products

Department of Revenue, individual income tax, tax credit, stillbirths

Department of Revenue, natural resources severance tax credit report

Department of Revenue, sales and use tax exemption, construction contractor

Department of Revenue, sales and use tax, pet adoption fees, exemption of

Department of Revenue, telecommunications equipment, sales and use tax exemption

Female genital mutilation, reporting to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Kentucky affordable housing tax credit, annual reports

Kentucky Department of Education, arts instruction, report on

Kentucky Department of Education, transition of state-operated vocational centers

Kentucky Eating Disorder Council, report by December 1, 2020

Kentucky Workers' Compensation Funding Commission, report to Interim Joint Committee

Maternal mortality, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, data

Medicaid payments, reporting

National registry of substantiated cases of child abuse or neglect, implementation

Patient-directed care, end of life

Protection notification centers, locate requests reports

Rural growth fund tax credit and program, Department of Revenue to report on

Scholarship tax credit

School districts, report on comprehensive sex education to the Department of Education, biennially

Task Force on Exceptional Support Waiver Services, creation of

Task Force on Services for Persons with Brain Injuries, establish

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