Reproductive Issues

Abortion, add exceptions

Abortion, constitutional amendment, no protected right

Abortion, constitutional amendment, protected right

Abortion, prohibit deeming emergent or urgent procedure

Abortion reporting requirements, audit of

Abortion services, government payments to entities referring for/counseling in favor of, prohibition

Abortion services, parental rights after

Abortion statutes, enforcement of

Adoption, leave requirements

Born-alive infants, protection of

Coverage for standard fertility preservation services, provision of

Ejaculation without intent to fertilize, Class D felony, established

Elective medical procedures, emergency orders on, enforcement of

Female genital mutilation, Class B felony

Feminine hygiene products, free to public postsecondary students

Fetal remains, disposition of

Monthly testing requirement, establishing

Paid parental leave for employees, employers with fifty or more employees

Sales and use tax, feminine hygiene products, exemption of

Surgery reporting requirements, establishing

Uniform Parentage Act, adoption of

Vasectomies, constitutional amendment, no protected right

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