Taxation, Sales and Use

Agriculture exemption number, required, January 1, 2021

Baby products and diapers, exemption of

Cannabis and cannabis products, deposition of

Certain pet transfer or adoption fees, exemption of

Construction contractor, exemption

Drugs, agricultural animals, exemption of

Feminine hygiene products, exemption of

Incontinence products, exempt

Increase to eight percent (8%)

Motor carrier, exemptions, elimination

Pasture, agricultural, and horticultural land maintenance services, exemption of


Remote retailer or marketplace provider, sales threshold, registration and collection

Repair and replacement parts, exemptions, elimination

Services, imposition of tax on selected

Small animal veterinary services, exemption

Small animal veterinary services, exemption of

Tax Expenditure Oversight Board, establishment of

Technical correction

Telecommunications equipment, exemption of

Last updated: 2/21/2020 5:09 PM (EST)
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