Arts instruction, requiring schools to offer

Career and Technical Education Month, recognizing

Certificate renewal, options for

Child abuse and child sexual abuse instruction, requirement for

Class size, reduction of

Hearing officers, random selection of

Kentucky Retirement Systems, omitted service to determine consolidated benefits in

Moments of silence and reflection, daily observation required

Nonteaching time, required

Privacy of students, ensuring

Public charter schools, repeal

Rank change, requirements for

Religious text literacy course, content

Retirement System Board of Trustees, confirmation, Frank Edward Collecchia

Retirement System, disability retirement for

Retirement System, post-retirement return-to-work requirements for

School council, membership of

School council, number serving on

School council, transfer while serving, permitting

School council, transfer while serving, prohibit

School principal, selection of

Speech-language pathologists or audiologists, clarify salary supplement provisions for

State-operated vocational centers, require transition to local school districts

Statewide accountability system, revisions to

STEM and special education teacher, promise zone, loan forgiveness for

STEM teacher, promise zone, loan forginveness for

Student mental health assessment, school utilization of

Substantiated findings of child abuse and neglect, self-reporting requirement, eliminate

Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill

Teachers' Retirement System, post-retirement change of beneficiary and option, qualifying events for

Visual and performing arts instruction, require 100 minutes of

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