Technical Corrections

Appropriations, technical corrections

Aviation licensing requirement, gender neutral language

Aviation licensing requirement, gender-neutral language

Branch budget bills

Branch budget bills, technical correction

Branch budget bills, technical corrections

Branch budget recommendations

Branch budget recommendations, technical corrections

Breaks, wages and hours, collective bargaining agreement

Budget forms

Campaign finance, technical corrections

Committee name, update

Consumer loan licensees, permitted loan charges

Gender-neutral language, inserting

Gender-neutral language, pronoun addition

HB 174

HB 261

HB 298

HB 351

HB 388/HCS1

HB 411

HB 424

HB 447

HB 491/HCS

HB 564

Health Services, technical correction


HR 106

Individual income tax, gender-neutral language

Kentucky Retirement Systems, gender-neutral language

Personnel Board, gender-neutral language

Personnel Cabinet, secretary's powers, gender-neutral language

Sales and use tax

Sales and use tax, gender-neutral language

SB 173/SCS 1

SB 2

SB 56

SB 90


Service contracts, technical corrections

Taxation, excise, sales and use, income, update of

Technical Correction.

Transportation Cabinet, definition

Unemployment insurance, correction for gender-neutral references

Uniform Parentage Act, adoption, technical corrections to existing statutes

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