Universities and Colleges

Articulated credit, require statewide standardized agreement

Athletic facilities designated by sex, restrict access, civil liability for violation

College admissions, questions on criminal history, ban on

Commission on Women, appropriation

Deadly weapons, postsecondary institutions, concealed carry, repeal

Dual credit scholarship, add courses to

Dual credit scholarship, tuition rate ceiling, increase to

Dual credit tuition rate ceiling, amount of

Eastern Kentucky University, model and practice school, operation of

Feminine hygiene products, free to students

Hemp testing, clarification of

Immigration laws, enforcement of, requiring

Institutions of higher education, exemption

KCTCS, endowment match

Kentucky Committee on Legislative Redistricting, faculty, appointment of

Kentucky Employees Retirement System, employees continued participation in

Kentucky Tuition Grant, institutional eligibility

Northern Kentucky University, disposition of property

Postsecondary athletics, designation for eligibility based on biological sex, requirements

Sale of property or equipment, requirements for

Sanctuary policies, prohibitions relative thereto

Sanctuary postsecondary institution, determination of, hearing procedure

Sanctuary postsecondary institution, state funding, withholding of

State/Executive Branch Budget

Student athletes, image and likeness, compensation for

Student criminal background checks, restrictions on

Student disciplinary proceedings, rights of student, minimum procedural requirements

Student identification badges required to contain national crisis hotline numbers

Support of enforcement of federal immigration law, requirements relative thereto

Teacher preparation programs, early literacy instruction, teacher preparation test, requiring

University of Kentucky, Kentucky Center for Cannabis Research, establish

University of Louisville, Direct Health Care Services and Research Facilities Operations Loan

University of Louisville, KEDFA loan report

Voluntary preceptor tax credit for Kentucky physicians, creation

Work Ready Scholarship, delete dual credit courses from

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