Bill Request 181

Title AN ACT relating to time.
Bill Documents Original
Sponsors B. Reed, B. Rowland, D. Bentley, J. Blanton, R. Bridges, J. Carney, L. Elkins, D. Elliott, C. Freeland, R. Goforth, M. Hart, R. Huff, T. Huff, S. Lee, D. Lewis, C. Massey, B. McCool, D. Meade , M. Meredith, P. Pratt, S. Riley, D. Schamore, S. Sheldon, J. Sims Jr, T. Turner, K. Upchurch, R. Webber
Summary of Original Version Create a new section of KRS Chapter 2 to adopt year-round daylight saving time in the state of Kentucky if authorized by the United States Congress; EFFECTIVE upon the first Sunday of November following passage of enabling legislation by Congress.
Index Headings Effective Dates, Delayed - Year-round daylight saving time, upon passage of legislation by Congress
Federal Laws and Regulations - Daylight saving time, year-round, authorizing
Time - Daylight saving time, year-round, authorizing
United States - Congress, year-round daylight saving time, authorizing


07/01/19 Prefiled by the sponsor(s).

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