Bill Request 263

Title AN ACT relating to wage theft.
Bill Documents Original
Sponsors B. McCool
Summary of Original Version Create a new section of Chapter 514 to create the offense of theft of wages and establish penalties; define employer and employee; amend KRS 336.080 to indicate the secretary may enter places of employment without unreasonable delay to inspect a place of employment; amend KRS 337.020 to allow the commissioner to charge and collect past due wages; amend KRS 337.070 to require certain employers to include rate of pay, the number of hours worked, and the total amount of gross pay earned on wage statements provided to employees; amend KRS 337.320 to require employers to keep record for three years of the name, address, and occupation of each employee, the rate of pay and amount paid to each employee, a list of personnel policies provided to the employees, and a copy of the wage statement provided to each employee; create a new section of Chapter 337 to require employers to provide to an employee a written notice at the time of hire that sets forth the rate and method of pay, the employees employment status, accruals of time, deductions that may be made from pay, and the name and address of the employer, and require the employer to keep a copy of the notice signed by the employee; amend KRS 337.990 to include a civil penalty for failure to provide the written notice to employee and maintain a copy of the signed notice.
Index Headings Crimes and Punishments - Theft of wages, creation of offense
Labor and Industry - Wages, recordkeeping and reporting of
Personnel and Employment - Wages, recordkeeping and reporting of
Wages and Hours - Wages, recordkeeping and reporting of


08/21/19 Prefiled by the sponsor(s).

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