Public Officers and Employees

Bouncers, security, training, public safety, Dept of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Cabinet for Economic Development, secretary appointment, gender-neutral

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, investigators, address and location, Open Records exemption

Cities, municipal utilities, commission members

City peace officers, work hours

Commissioner of Education, removal of local board members, deletion

Coroners, cremation of unclaimed body, when allowed

County clerks, municipal annexations, filing requirements

Definitions, addition of gender-neutral language

Department for Natural Resources, commissioner, head of department

Elected county officers whose duties not coextensive with state compensation review, encouragement

Elected state executive officers, temporary reorganizations,removal of authority

Emergency Response Commission, appointment of Dep't of Military Affairs executive director as member

Finance and Administration Cabinet, secretary, contract review, appeal

First responders, unauthorized capture of photographic or videographic images by a first responder

Immigration laws, enforcement of, requiring

Impeachment, House of Representatives, filing

Impeachment investigation, costs to the petitioner

Impeachment investigations, costs to the petitioner

Incompatible offices, differing jurisdictions, officer and employee prohibition

Jailers, telecommunications services for jail inmates, oversight

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, employees, Executive Branch Ethics Commission, not subject

Kentucky Retirement Systems, housekeeping legislation

Line of duty, disability benefits, adjustment of

Local school board members, removal by commissioner or state board, deletion

Open records, complaint to Attorney General, delay or extension of time

Police, training stipend, increase

Reemployment after retirement, restrictions on part-time adjunct instructors

Removing sheriff as administrator, county without public administrator and guardian

Retirement, cessation of participation by KERS agency, lump-sum payments

Retirement, closure of LRP & JRP to new members, transfer requirement of cash balance members KERS

Retirement, health premium reimbursement program for KRS members with fixed dollar premium subsidy

Retirement, impact of part-time nonhazardous employment on full-time hazardous member's retirement

Retirement, membership and beneficiary designation form, electronic submission

Secretary, Finance and Administration Cabinet, unified and integrated system of accounts

Secretary of State, municipal annexation, filing requirements

Secretary of the Personnel Cabinet, annual report, demographic information

Secretary of the Personnel Cabinet, ex officio, nonvoting member of Personnel Board, addition

Special districts, local air board members, appointment of by state university

Special law enforcement officers with specialized duties in schools; participation in KLEFP fund

Speech regarding gender, employment discrimination, protection

State aircraft use, Treasurer's approval

State contracts, procured by agent convicted of crime, award prohibition

State contracts, procurement participation by former employee, limited prohibition

State employees, annual cost of living adjustment, consumer price index, use of

State employees, wages, hours, self-organization, unions

State Treasurer, state contracts, review by Government Constract Review Committee, appeal

State Treasurer, state contracts, review by Government Contract Review Committee, appeal

State/Executive Branch Budget

Teachers, retirement systems housekeeping bill

Treasurer, unified and integrated system of accounts, maintenance

Water district commissioners, training requirements, time extensions

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