Advertising device, compensation, definition

Advertising device, standards

Air Medal license plate, establishment

Automated speed enforcement fund, establishment

Automated speed enforcement, highway work zones

Bronze Star Medal license plate, eligibility criteria

Buses, risk reduction program, implementation

Cosmetic damage title, establishment

Criminal littering, unsafe amounts of mowed grass left on highway

Disabled license plate, for parent or guardian of disabled minor or adult

Distinguished Flying Cross license plate, establishment

Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, highway usage fee

Encroachment permits, collection and use of fines for violations

Highway construction contingency account, allowable uses of funds

Highway funding, omnibus revisions

Highway work zone, definition amended

Highway work zone, double fines, signage requirement removed

Instruction permits, minimum age requirement

Involuntarily towed motor vehicle, disposal

Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors, honoring 100th anniversary

Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Timothy Akins

Kentucky River Authority, qualifications of directors

Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Expressway, name change

Military members stationed in KY, driver's license requirement, exemption

Missing persons reports, search, use of existing resources

Motor vehicle, ad valorem property tax, responsibility, provisions for

Motorcycle operator's licenses, 3-wheeled restriction, establish

Motorcycle Safety Education Commissions and program, reorganization

Motorcycle safety education program, eligibility

Off-highway vehicles, operation on certain public roadways

Operator's license, veterans designation, proof of eligibility requirements

Operator's license, vision testing upon renewal

Outdoor advertising device, permit fees

Outdoor advertising device, regulation deadline

Outdoor advertising device, standards

Peer-to-peer car sharing, regulation of

Personal communication device, use by driver, prohibition

Personal identification card, veterans designation, proof of eligibility requirements

POW/MIA Awareness license plate, establishment

Private vehicle rentals, procedures and regulations

Protected bicycle lanes, implementation

Reorganization, Transportation Cabinet, Executive Order 2020-1027

Safe boating certificates, requirement, delayed enforcement

Train crews, two-person requirement, penalties for violation

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Transportation Cabinet, definition

Transportation funding legislation, support

Transportation improvement districts, establishment, composition, powers, and duties

Vehicle license plates, requirements for

Vehicle storage facility, operation requirements

Vehicles, towing and storage of, requirements for

Wooden bridge authority, adjacent land owner, member

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