Abortion services, government payments to entities referring for/counseling in favor of, prohibition

Advisory Council for Recovery Ready Communities, establishment

Annexation, filing requirements

Consolidated emergency services district, participation in

Constables and deputies, powers

Construction plans, educational facilities, local options for review

Dedication of resources to preserve monuments, edifices, graves, and lands from damage

Dog safety and welfare, enactment and enforcement action

Emergency orders, more than 28 day limitation, approval by legislative body

Encroachment permits, collection and use of fines for violations

Firefighters, Firefighters Foundation Program Fund, mental health training and treatment

Local air board, disposition of airport when all local governments withdraw

Local regulation of tobacco or vapor products, permitting

Minimum wage, authority to establish

Municipal utilities, commission members

Operations during COVID-19 emergency, in person

Peace officer, certification, revocation

Peace officer, conditional offer of employment

Peace officers, work hours

Recall of elected officials, constitutional amendment

Residential care facility, zoning

Special districts, local air boards, appointments to by state university, when allowed

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