Emergency Medical Services

Air ambulance memberships, disclosure, requirements

Air ambulance memberships, insurance

Air ambulance memberships, patient advocacy program, implementation

Assault on and obstruction, increased penalty

Assault on, increased penalty

Community crisis Response board, membership

Consolidated emergency services district, provision

Consolidated emergency services district, provision for

Declared emergency, SARS-COV-2, medical equipment distributors, essential services

Emergencies, immunity from lawsuit

Emergency ambulance districts, service relative to fire districts and subdistricts

Fire districts and subdistricts, emergency ambulance service, provision

First responders, address and location, Open Records exemption

Licensure after incarcertaion

Newborn safety device, permitting

Occupational license, renewal fee, exemption for military spouses

Unauthorized capture of photographic or videographic images by a first responder

Workers' compensation, psychological injuries

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