Fiscal Note

Alcohol to-go in conjunction with prepared meal, requirement

Animal control officers, Department of Agriculture, continuing education

Appropriation to pay claims against the Commonwealth

Assessments, property taxation, highest and best use

Asset Resolution Corporation, powers of

Assisted-living communities, certification

Attorney General, authority, legal actions

Auto recyclers, local government ordinances and regulations, compliance requirement

Better Kentucky Promise, dual credit courses, scholarships

Branch budget bills

Broadband deployment fund

Broadband deployment fund, Office of Broadband innovation, Department of Agriculture, transfer

Broadband deployment fund, Office of Innovation, Department of Agriculture, transfer

Budget forms

Centennial and semiquincentennial commissions, creation

Consumer loan licensees, permitted loan charges

Copayments, prohibition

COVID-19 funds, refund

Data center, sales and use tax, exemption of

Department for Medicaid Services, ordering, referring, and prescribing provider type

Department of Fish and Wildlife, compensatory mitigation, unsatisfied liability under

Education Opportunity Account Program

Elections, automatic recounts in

Exemption for disaster response businesses

Firefighters, Firefighters Foundation Program Fund, mental health training and treatment

High school graduation, FAFSA completion, requirement

Highway funding, omnibus revisions

Hospital rate improvement programs, modification

Kentucky Opioid Abatement Advisory Commission

Kentucky Retirement Systems, liability-based contributions for KERS employers

Local school boards, nonresident pupil policy, adoption

Military pensions, income tax deduction

Motorcycle Safety Program

Ordinances penalizing businesses violating COVID-19 orders

Paycheck Protection Program loans

Pension income exclusion, retroactive raise

Petroleum storage tank registration

Pharmacy benefit managers, regulation

Property tax, veteran service organization, exemption

Property valuation administrator assessment roll fee, CPI adjustment

Race and Access Opportunity Committee of the General Assembly, creation

Rural hospital operations and facilities revolving loan fund

Sales and use tax, commercial mining of cryptocurrency

Sales and use tax, data centers, exemption of

Sales and use tax, exemption for commercial mining of cryptocurrency

Screening committees, district with minority student population of 50% or greater, composition of

SEEK formula, state per pupil amount, adjustment

Special election, Congressional offices, serve remainder of term

State parks, centennial celebration, anniversary

Supplemental school year, high school students

Swimming Pools, residential, safety standards

Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Technical correction to taxation language

Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, reorganization

Transportation Cabinet, definition

TVA in lieu of payments, distribution

Volunteer firefighters, tax credit

West End Opportunity Partnership, incremental tax revenues

West End Opportunity Partnership, nonvoting ex officio board membership

Youthful offender referral process, limitations on

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