Civil and economic rights, substantial burden, prohibit

Contest proceedings, provisions relating to

COVID-19 penalties, restoration

Declaration of emergency, executive order, invalidation

Defend the Guard Act, requirements to comply

Effective deficient administrative regulation, nullification

Election of, automatic recount in

Election proclamation, office of the United States Senator, issuance

Emergencies, executive orders, effective time periods

Emergencies, executive orders, effects, local government

Emergencies, Governor's powers, certain freedoms, restrictions

Emergencies, landlord and tenant laws, suspension or modification, limitation

Emergencies, local emergency management, when directed by Governor under KRS 39A.100

Emergencies, prohibition against evictions, Governor's authority limited

Emergencies, religious organizations, discrimination prohibited

Emergencies, violations of KRS Chapter 39A, Class A misdemeanor

Emergency declaration, definition of action taken

Emergency, declaration of, extraordinary session required with

Emergency, declaration of, limited to 15 days

Emergency, essential services, designation

Emergency, executive order 2021-136, extension for 60 days from effective date

Emergency, executive order 2021-136, ratification

Emergency executive orders, administrative regulations, and executive actions, expiration

Emergency executive orders, administrative regulations, and executive actions, limitation

Emergency executive orders, days in effect, General Assembly approval required

Emergency, Governor's declaration of, additional declarations prohibited

Emergency, manner of voting, ability to declare, removal

Emergency orders, limitations on

Emergency orders, more than 28 day limitation, approval by General Assembly

Emergency powers, limitation, freedom of religion

Emergency, voting procedures, ability to establish, removal

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, members, appointment

Executive order 2021-093, extension for 60 days

Executive order 2021-093, ratification

Executive orders, constitutional challenges, establish judicial panel and venue

Executive orders, constitutional challenges, establish venue

Executive orders, emergency, 60 day extension

Executive orders, emergency, ratification

Federal firearm laws, enforcement prohibition, state and local government

Firearms and weapons, prohibition of restrictions

First Responder, Doctor, Nurse, and Health Care Professional Recognition Day, designation of

Food and beverage licenses, denial, revocation, suspension under COVID-19 orders, undoing

Governor's Office of Agricultural Policy, abolishment

Immunization requirements, exemptions

Kentucky State Fair Board, appointing authority, duties

Mask mandate, revoke

Nullification of select emergency administrative regulations

Pardons and commutations, Constitution of Kentucky, limitation in

Physician Assistant, Board of Medical Licensure composition, Academy of Physician Assistant

Prohibit from changing the manner of an election during an emergency

Public funds for advertisement, disallowance

Recall election, constitutional amendment

Report to, charges or convictions relating to gang activity

Special election and proclamation, office of United States Senator

State Board of Agriculture, appointing authority, state veterinarian, duties

State Fair Board, membership

State Investment Commission, removal

State of emergency, executive orders, review by the General Assembly, constitutional amendment

State/Executive Branch Budget

Temporary executive orders, technical correction

Temporary reorganization orders, removal of authority

Transition team, standards of ethical conduct, establishment

Transition teams, formation, authorization

Transportation Cabinet Budget

West End Opportunity Partnership, board membership appointment

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, services, consolidation

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