Highways, Streets, and Bridges

Advertising device, definition, standards

Automated speed enforcement, highway work zones

Construction contracts, single bidder contracts, limitations and reporting requirements

Construction projects, eligible bidders, limits on identification

Criminal littering, unsafe amounts of mowed grass left on highway

Encroachment permits, collection and use of fines for violations

Encroachment permits, procedures

Highway construction contingency account, allowable uses of funds

Highway funding, omnibus revisions

Highway work zone, definition amended

Highway work zone, double fines, signage requirement removed

Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors, honoring 100th anniversary

Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Expressway, name change

Missing persons reports, search, use of existing resources

Off-highway vehicles, operation on certain public roadways

Transportation Cabinet authority over auto recyclers, national highways system

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Transportation funding legislation, support

Transportation improvement districts, establishment, composition, powers, and duties

Vehicles, towing and storage of, requirements for

Wooden bridge authority, adjacent land owner, member

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