Military Affairs and Civil Defense

Adjutant General, power to make contracts and acquire property

Air Medal license plate, establishment

Air National Guard, appointment of chief-of-staff by Governor

Air National Guard, chief-of-staff, appointment by Governor

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, inclusion in school accountability system

Bluegrass Station, construction projects, standards for

Bronze Star Medal license plate, eligibility criteria

Commission on Military Affairs, job training for veterans, report

Commission on Military Affairs, streamline occupational licenses for veterans, report

Community crisis Response board, membership

Construction projects, standards for

Defend the Guard Act, use of Kentucky National Guard by Congress

Distinguished Flying Cross license plate, establishment

Emergency Response Commission, appointment of Dep't of Military Affairs executive director as member

Emergency, services provided, immunity

Gender-neutral language, addition of

Honor and Remember flag, emblem of remembrance, designation of

KEES scholarship, base amount for out of state military students

Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship, NROTC programs, eligibility

Kentucky Veterans Suicide Prevention Program, establishment

KRE 506, crisis response team or local community crisis response team, deemed acted

Military members stationed in KY, driver's license requirement, exemption

Military pensions, income tax deduction

Military spouses, occupational licenses, exemption from paying renewal fees

Motor vehicle insurance, patriot penalty, prohibition of

National Guard Adoption Assistance Program, increase in assistance amount

National Guard, assistant adjutant general, chief-of-staff, employment by Dep't of Military Affairs

POW/MIA Awareness license plate, establishment

President Donald J. Trump, reduction of force in Afghanistan, commending

Reorganization, Department of Military Affairs, Executive Order 2020-1035

Special license plates, Combat Action Badge and Combat Infantry badge

Special license plates, Combat Action Badge and Combat Infantry Badge

State/Executive Branch Budget

State-sponsored group life insurance program for National Guard members

Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act, establishment

U.S. Army's Future Vertical Lift program, support and urging full funding

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