Taxation, Sales and Use

Alcohol taxes, exemption

Breast pumps, breast pump kits, etc., exemption of

Colocation facility definition

Commercial mining of cryptocurrency, exemption

Commercial mining of cryptocurrency tangible personal property and electricity, exemption

Data centers, exemption of

Feminine hygiene products, exemption

Incontinence products, exemption

Marketplace provider reporting requirements

Motor carrier, exemptions, elimination

Motor vehicle use tax, trade in allowance for new motor vehicles, limit

New and expanded industry

Private vehicle rental transactions, require collection of transaction fee

Remote retailer reporting requirements

Remote retailers and marketplace providers

Repair and replacement parts, exemptions, elimination

Services, imposition of tax on selected

Small animal veterinary services, exemption

Tax expenditures, elimination

Technical correction

Telecommunications equipment, refund

West End Opportunity Partnership, incremental tax revenues

Last updated: 11/9/2023 2:52 PM (EST)