House Bill 567

Last Action 02/23/21: to Committee on Committees (H)
Title AN ACT relating to motorboats and making an appropriation therefor.
Bill Documents Introduced
Fiscal Impact Statement Local Mandate
Bill Request Number 1634
Sponsors D. Meade , C. Freeland
Summary of Original Version Create a new section in KRS Chapter 132 to exempt federally documented vessels from property taxation; create new sections in KRS Chapter 235 to establish the waterway usage fee and the distribution of revenue generated from the fee; establish the waterway usage fund; create a new section in KRS Chapter 148 to establish the Kentucky lakes and rivers tourism fund; amend KRS 235.990 to establish a penalty for nonpayment of the waterway usage fee; amend KRS 235.999 and 150.160 to distribute the money collected from the penalty; amend KRS 132.020 and 132.200 to make conforming changes; EFFECTIVE January 1, 2022; APPROPRIATION.
Index Headings of Original Version Effective Dates, Delayed - Waterway usage fee, January 1, 2022
State Agencies - Department of Revenue, waterway usage fee, disbursement of funds
Taxation - Property tax, federally documented boats, tax exemption
Taxation, Property - Federally documented boats, tax exemption
Amusements and Recreation - Motorboats, waterway usage fee
Appropriations - Kentucky lakes and rivers tourism fund
Appropriations - Motorboats, waterway usage fund
Boats and Boating - Motorboats, waterway usage fee
Local Mandate - Waterway usage fee, January 1, 2022


  • introduced in House
  • to Committee on Committees (H)

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