Bill Request 261

Title AN ACT relating to a tax credit for volunteer firefighters.
Bill Documents Original
Sponsors A. Tackett Laferty
Summary of Original Version Create a new section of KRS Chapter 141 to establish a refundable income tax credit for certain volunteer firefighters; declare the purpose of the credit; require annual reporting to the Legislative Research Commission to evaluate the impact of the credit; amend KRS 141.0205 to provide the ordering of the credit; amend KRS 131.190 to allow confidential tax return information to be shared with the Legislative Research Commission.
Index Headings Firefighters and Fire Departments - Volunteer firefighters, income tax credit
Fiscal Note - Volunteer firefighters, tax credit
Taxation - Volunteer firefighters, income tax credit
Taxation, Income--Individual - Volunteer firefighters, tax credit
Reports Mandated - Active certified volunteer firefighter tax credit, annual report


10/06/20 Prefiled by the sponsor(s).

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