Bill Request 376

Title AN ACT relating to the performance of an abortion upon a minor and declaring an emergency.
Bill Documents Original
Sponsors M. Prunty
Summary of Original Version Amend KRS 311.732, relating to performance of an abortion upon a minor, to require the informed written consent of a parent or legal guardian to include a copy of that parent's or legal guardian's government-issued identification and to include specific language; require the physician to keep a copy of the informed written consent for at least 7 years; require the physician to execute an affidavit; require additional criteria and standards for when a court determines whether to allow a minor to self-consent to an abortion; require the court hearing to remain confidential and be held in a private, informal setting within the courthouse; require, in the case of a medical emergency, for the physician to notify the parent or legal guardian within 24 hours of the abortion; amend KRS 311.595 to allow the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure to suspend or revoke the license of any physician for violations; amend KRS 311.990 to establish criminal penalties for violations; amend KRS 213.101 to expand the statistical reporting system for abortions; EMERGENCY.
Index Headings Courts - Abortion, upon a minor
Crimes and Punishments - Abortion, upon a minor
Criminal Procedure - Abortion, upon a minor
Effective Dates, Emergency - Abortion, upon a minor
Health and Medical Services - Abortion, upon a minor
Physicians and Practitioners - Abortion, upon a minor
Reproductive Issues - Abortion, upon a minor
Women - Abortion, upon a minor
Children and Minors - Abortion, upon a minor
Civil Actions - Abortion, upon a minor
Civil Procedure - Abortion, upon a minor


11/19/20 Prefiled by the sponsor(s).

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