Education, Elementary and Secondary

Classified staff, instructional activities, performance

Classified staff, noninstructional activites

COVID-19, appropriation of funds, testing supplies

COVID-19 sick leave, requirement

COVID-19 vaccination, incentives and mandates, prohibition

COVID-19 vaccination, mandates and incentives, prohibition

Critical shortage hiring, threshold, increase

Department of Education, school partnership, COVID-19 public service announcement, vaccine campaign

Employee background checks, requirements

Hybrid instruction, requirements

Hybrid schedule, requirements

Immunization, school district not to require

Instructional time, COVID-19 activities, inclusion

Mask mandates, authorization

Model plan, not to discriminate

Nontraditional instruction, staff requirements

NTI days, addition

Reemployment provisions, deletion

Remote days, allotment

Remote instruction, allotment

Remote instruction, number of days

Remote instruction, on-site work requirement, exception for lack of childcare

School bus drivers, education requirements, temporary exemption

School district employees, retirement reemployment, provisions

School district health requirements, health and religious exemptions

School districts, COVID-19 operations, options

School districts, COVID-19 test to stay plan, options

School districts, remote instruction, options

School districts, student attendance data, submission

School masking, no new regulation on the subject

School masking regulation, nullification

Student attendance days, waiver

Student masks, exemption

Student masks, prohibition

Teacher critical shortage, pandemic funds, utilization

Testing option, to include staff

Vaccination incentives, deletion

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