Agricultural Development Board, Agricultural Finance Corporation, reorganization

Agricultural Development Board, Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation

Agricultural or horticultural property conversion, new charge, agricultural enhancement fund

Agriculture exemption license number, requirements

Agritourism, working animals, local government bans, prohibition

Air pollution, standards, requirements, administrative regulations, EPA

Amusement rides and attractions, designated inspectors, registration and fee

Animal control and care fund, receipt of penalties

Animal seizure, livestock, poultry

Attorney General, gender-neutral language

Cabinet for Economic Development, notice of development opportunity

Cleo Battle, confirmation, Kentucky State Fair Board

Climate change, Green New Deal

Commissioner, Executive Branch Ethics Commission, member, appointment

Commissioner of Agriculture, appointment authority, Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission

Commissioner of Agriculture, gender-neutral

Commissioner of Agriculture, gender-neutral language

Controlled environment agriculture facility, Kentucky Building Code, definition

Department of Agriculture, amusement rides and attractions, registration and permits

Drones, unmanned aircraft systems, FAA, regulations

Education, youth, urban agriculture, promotion

Fair Council, agritourism, Agritourism Advisory Council, state veterinarian

Farm to School program, school districts, use

Fertilizer and pesticide, license, registration, pests and noxious weeds

FFA Week, recognition

Food Check-Out Week, honoring farmers

Free or reduced water rates, food production

Fresh produce, retail food stores, state of origin, season of harvest, sales

Healthy Soils Program, funding for farmers

Heavy or specialized conservation equipment, acquisition by commission, joint application

Hemp, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol threshold, one percent

Home-based processor, food products, coffee, tea

Horse breed development fund, distribution

Industrial hemp products, drug-free workplace, appeals process

Industrial hemp program, intoxicating hemp-deprived products, hemp tea

Industrial hemp program, intoxicating hemp-derived products, prohibition

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Brenda Fish Paul

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, John Fritz Giesecke

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Michael O. Peterson

Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Suzanne Cecil White

Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation Board of Directors, confirmation, Dan Flanagan

Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation Board of Directors, confirmation, Frank A. Penn

Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation Board of Directors, confirmation, Kenneth H. Burdine

Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation Board of Directors, confirmation, Larry Brown Jaggers

Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation Board of Directors, confirmation, Linda L. Rumpke

Kentucky State Fair Board, appointing authority, duties

Kentucky State Fair Board, confirmation

Medical marijuana, safety and efficacy research, advocating

Membership, KEDP, KEDFA, agricultural experience requirement

Motor fuels, gasoline, ASTM standards

Motor fuels, gasoline, license, standards

National Agriculture Day, recognition

National Beef Month, recognition

National Dairy Month, recognition

National Farmers Day, recognition

National Pork Month, recognition

National Poultry Day, recognizing

National Soybean Month, recognition

Poultry, exemptions, farmers, sales, farmers markets, farm

Property tax, merchant electric generating facility, agricultural or horticultural land, exclusion

Small business loans, grammatical and technical corrections

Soil and water conservation, supervisor, age requirement

Soil and water conservation, supervisor age requirement, commission nominee

State Fair Board, confirmation, Andrew Marshall Coyle

State Fair Board, confirmation, H. David Wallace

State Fair Board, confirmation, Michael Edward Poynter

State Fair Board, gender-neutral language

State/Executive Branch Budget

Stillage management tax credit, stillage manager, agricultural uses

Sweet sorghum syrup, naming and designating as official syrup of Kentucky

Technical Corrections, gender-neutral language

Thoroughbred breeding and racing, the Jockey Club, reporting

Tobacco Settlement Agreement Fund, appropriations

Veterinary practice, licensing and regulation

Wages and hours, exemption for agricultural employers and employees, removal

Workers' compensation, exemption for employers and employees, removal

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