Consolidated Local Governments

Affidavit of lost, damaged, or destroyed records

Board of education, day-to-day operations of school district, delegation to superintendent

Citizen oversight and investigation, consolidated local government, police review

Civil action, prevention of damage by an assemblage of people

Consolidated local government, local ordinances, rent control

Consolidated local government review

Constables, powers and duties

Constables, powers and duties and deputy constables, fees

County clerks, recorded instruments, redaction of personal information

Discriminatory actions prohibited, religious and moral convictions, required protection

Document storage fee, collection and distribution to county clerk

Federal firearm laws, state and local government, enforcement prohibition

First responders, critical incident, 48 hours leave

Highway lighting assessments, Transportation Cabinet mandate

Historical overlay districts, ordinance requirements

Kentucky Product Development Initiative Act, eligible project requirements

KLEPF supplement for certain employees

Legislative council, legal representation, confidential records and information

Local ordinances and restrictions on firearms

Local ordinances controlling rents

Local ordinances on wages and benefits

Local task force studying Louisville Metro statutory framework

Mayoral elections, council elections, county attorney duties, review board confidentiality

New cities, creation process

New cities, creation process, annexation, study directed

New cities, prohibition on tax credits without agreement

New city incorporation, legislative appointments to boards and commissions

Occupational license fees, pari-mutuel wagering, racetrack extensions, apply

Peer support counseling programs, operations and confidentiality

Planning and zoning, drug care facilities and criminal halfway houses in residential areas

Police officers, collective bargaining units, work hour exemptions

Restaurant tax, authority to levy, uses of revenue

Review commission, consolidated local government model

School bus stop arm cameras, ordinance to implement and enforce

Taxes, license fees, and franchise taxes, authorization

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