Abortion, exempt rape and incest

Abortion, life or health of pregnant person

Abortion, pregnant person, Jewish faith

Abortion, upon a minor

Annual audit, Administrative Office of the Courts

Attorney's fees in redistricting challenges, prohibition on awarding by court

Cannabis possession, personal use quantity, removal of penalties

Carrying concealed deadly weapon, attorneys

Charitable bail organizations, limitations

Charitable bail organizations, prohibition

Child abuse, mandatory reporting

Child dependency, neglect, or abuse reports, requirements

Constitution of Kentucky, proposed amendment, judicial review

Constitutionality of statutes, challenge and defense

County attorneys, delinquent property tax, litigation fees

Court-designated workers, require 24 additional

Data collection, Administrative Office of the Courts, reports

Death penalty, replacement with life imprisonment without parole

Discrimination, access to electronic devices

Domestic violence, conduct against domestic animals, inclusion

Emergencies, religious discrimination, right established

Emergencies, religious organizations, discrimination, remedies

Emergency placement of children, criminal history record check, requirement

Emergency protective orders, both parties restrained from contact

Emergency protective orders, certain contact authorized between parties

Facial recognition technology, inadmissibility of evidence acquired in violation of statute

Forcible entry or detainer, alternative minimum time of notice

Franklin County Courthouse, renaming

Gender-neutral language, inclusion

Identification device, remove as basis to petition for removal of guardian

Include gender-neutral language

Interpersonal protective orders, both parties restrained from contact

Interpersonal protective orders, certain contact authorized between parties

Judical Branch, salary increment

Judicial Branch Budget

Judicial Branch, classification and compensation report

Judicial Branch, salary increment

Judicial Council, members, election

Justifications, use of force

Juvenile Justice Oversight Council, Administrative Office of the Courts, director, member

Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts, new mental health courts, establishment

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment and Redistricting Commission, establishment

Local health departments, drug test sample collection, court ordered drug test requirement

Marijuana convictions, expungement

Misdemeanor expungement, 5 year wait period

Misdemeanor expungement; after 10 years if enhanceable to a felony

Order for reimbursement of jail fees, conviction requirement

Orders of protection, lifetime, creation

Orders of protection, lifetime, hearing

Persistent felony offender, requirements

Pretrial release, conditions, delays, forensic testing

Pretrial release, controlled substances, Referral for treatment

Pretrial release within 12 hours, certain offenses, prohibition

Probation, revocation, graduated sanctions, consideration requirement

Public officers, public acts, gender-neutral language

Recovery for injuries or death, limitations, proposing constitutional amendment

Redistricting, Supreme Court districts

Search Warrant Task Force, recommendations, encouraging implementation

Standard of proof, involuntary treatment, beyond a reasonable doubt

Trial commissioners, salaries, increase

Visitation for children in out-of-home care, in-person requirement

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