Elections and Voting

Absentee, change to qualification, add convenience of the voter

Absentee, qualification, convenience of the voter

Audits, requirements

Ballot access, proposed constitutional amendment, gaming

Ballots, straight ticket option, removal

Campaign finance, candidate filings, requirements

Campaign finance, candidates, filing requirements

Campaign finance, caregiving services, allowable campaign expenditure

Candidate and committee filings with the registry, requirements

Candidate campaign contributions, acceptance from certain individuals and entities

Candidate campaign filings, changes related

Candidate filings, district change, use of campaign account

Candidate protections, social media

Candidates for judicial office, filing date extension

Candidates for office, filing date extension

Candidates for office, filing fees, refund or waiver

Candidates for office, partisan requirement for office sought

Certification of results, procedures related

Circuit clerk, nonpartisan elected official

Commission on legislative and congressional redistricting, establishment

Commonwealth's attorney, nonpartisan elected official

Congressional districts, statewide plan

Consolidating precincts, petition requirements

Consolidation of precincts, vote center, requiring

Constitution of Kentucky, pardons and commutations, governor's ability, limitation

Constitution of Kentucky, proposed amendment, judicial review

Constitutional amendment, bail, submission to voters for ratification or rejection

Constitutional amendment, ballot initiatives, establishment of right of the people to submit

Constitutional amendment, homestead exemption for owners 65 or older, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, local taxes, submit to voters for ratification or rejections

Coroner, nonpartisan elected official

County attorney, nonpartisan elected official

County clerk, nonpartisan elected official

County judge/executive, unexpired term, procedure to fill vacancy

Delivery of voter registration lists to county clerks, change in time of delivery

Disclosure requirements and related penalties removed

District change, candidate campaign finance account, permitted use

Education program to high school students, how to cast a ballot

Election officer, definition

Electronic master list of registered voters, time of delivery to county clerks

Eligibility to vote, proof of identification

E-poll book certification and approval, requirements related

E-poll book implementation, definition, and related requirements

E-poll book report and voting system report, standards related

Felons' voting rights, constitutional amendment to provide

General Assembly, terms of members, limit

Identification, credit or debit card, remove

In-person absentee voting and possession of voting equipment keys, requirements prescribed

In-person absentee voting, extension of time

In-person absentee voting, extension of time, 12 working days and two Saturdays preceding

Jailer, nonpartisan elected official

Judicial circuits and districts, realignment

Kentucky Committee on Legislative Redistricting, establishing

Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, confirmation, Jessica A. Burke

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment and Redistricting Commission, establishment

Local option precincts, alcoholic beverage licensing

Medical rights, constitutional amendment ballot language

Multilingual voter ballots, voter materials and hotline established, requirements prescribed

Officer, definition

Omnibus bill

Political yard signs, display on private property subject to a homeowners' association

Primary date, extension

Prohibited acts

Prohibited acts, disclosures required

Prohibited acts, ten dollar threshold amount included

Prohibitions and disclosures, requirements

Proposed constitutional amendment, right to a healthy environment, preservation

Public charter school, board of directors, election

Ranked-choice, certain candidates for elected office

Redistricting, reapportionment, fiscal courts and school districts, deadline

Registered independents, participation in a primary

Risk-limiting audit, definition

Same-day voter registration and voting on election day, new registrations

Schools and school districts, polling location for an election

Sheriff, nonpartisan elected official

Slate of candidates, filling of vacancy, establish procedure

State Board of Elections, membership of the board, changes

State representative districts, statewide plan

State senatorial districts, statewide plan

State Senatorial districts, statewide plan

Systems, instruction cards, education programs, and ballot processing, requirements

Task Force on Election Security, establishment

Technical correction

Transportation of voter to the polls, payment, prohibition

Video surveillance systems, used to monitor voting equipment and ballot boxes, requirements

Voter qualifications, party affiliation, voter registration deadline, extension of

Voter registration, automatic with driver's license application and other designated applications

Voting hours, extension

Voting rights for felons, constitutional amendment to provide

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