Abandoned storage tanks and orphan well reclamation. grammatical and technical corrections

Advanced nuclear energy, intermittent renewables, feasibility study

Center for Applied Energy Research, coal-derived carbon, research, commercialization

Climate change, Green New Deal

Companies engaging in energy company boycotts, state governmental entities, definition

Compensatory mitigation, eminent domain, severance

Division of Forestry, Federal grants, authority to employ additional persons

Electric grid reliability and resilience, role in economic development, reserve margin

Electric grid, reliability and resiliency, rules and procedures

Energy and Environment Cabinet, merchant electric generating facilities, enforcement

Grammatical and technical corrections

Merchant electric generating facilities, industrial building defining, exclusion

Merchant electric generating facilities, siting

Merchant electric generating facilities, siting, decommissioning and bonding

Natural gas transmission pipelines, planning and zoning, notification, developer and operator

Onshore and offshore federal oil and gas lease sales, urge Biden Administration to open

Orphan oil and gas wells, reclamation and remediation, funding, vendor contracts

Orphan wells, funding for, emergency regulations for contracting

Property tax, merchant electric generating facility, agricultural or horticultural land, exclusion

Public Service Commission, administrative case, fuel adjustment clause volatility

Public Service Commission, confirmation, Marianne Butler

Public Service Commission, fuel price volatility, procurement, administrative case

Public Service Commission, strategies to address utility costs, urge examination

Public utility ratemaking, alternative rate mechanisms, implementation, study

Ratepayer Protection Task Force, establishment, duties, membership

Reclamation Guaranty Fund, coal mine permittees, appointments

Regulatory assets, deferred recovery, fuel adjustment charge

Renewable portfolio requirement, solar energy, regulated utilities, requirements

Solar merchant electric generating facilities, siting, setback requirements

State governmental agencies, companies engaging in energy company boycott, divestment

State/Executive Branch Budget

Streamlined utility rate procedures, regulated electric utilities

Utility customer bills, electric and gas utilities, fuel adjustment clause

Utility disconnection requirements, electric and gas utilities

Utility easements and rights of way, public service commission, database and records access

Well plugging fund, grammatical and technical corrections

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