Highways, Streets, and Bridges

Aubrey, Private Clarence "Joe," memorial bridge designation, Spencer County

Auto recyclers, local government ordinances and regulations, compliance requirement

Automated speed enforcement in highway work zones pilot program

Biennial Highway Construction Plan, FY 2022-2024

Capital Avenue, road closure, prohibition

Commercial driver's license, skills testing, allowed for nonresidents

Conley, Wallace and Betty Jo, memorial bridge, Johnson County, United States Route 23

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance

Electric vehicle infrastructure development plan, development

Fertilizer and pesticide, license, registration, pests and noxious weeds

Instruction in African and Native American history

Lee, Jimmy, memorial highway designation, Johnson County, KY Route 302

Lighting assessments, Transportation Cabinet mandate

Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River bridges, federal funds, removal of tolls, urging

Motor trucks and semi trailer trucks, county roads, operation

Off-highway vehicles, operation on certain public roadways

Operation of trucks on city-owned and maintained streets and roads, maximum limits

Operation of trucks on state or county roads, regulation

Porch, Henry, memorial bridge designation, Whitley County

Public safety vehicles, traffic regulation, exemptions

Six year road plan, last four years of

Six-year road plan, last four years

State roadways and bridges, honorary naming procedures

Traffic control signal monitoring systems, violations of KRS 189.231, civil penalties

Transportation Cabinet authority over auto recyclers, national highways system

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Transportation improvement districts, establishment, composition, powers, and duties

Vehicles hauling building materials, home site, building permit for construction

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