Legislative Research Commission

Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee, procedures

Administrative regulations, state agencies, contempt proceedings

Advanced nuclear technology, feasibility study, prior approval

Affidavit of lost, damaged, or destroyed local government records

Benefits cliff, task force, creation

Benefits Cliff, task force, establishment

Benefits Cliff Task Force, establishment

Cannabis legalization and use, task force

Capitol campus, areas allocated to legislative branch

Center for Applied Energy Research, coal-derived carbon, research, report

Child Welfare and Medicaid Oversight and Advisory Committees, repeal

Commission on redistricting, expenditure of funds certain, receipt of plans, obligations relating

Committees, Administrative Regulations Review and Government Contract Review

Debt Affordability Task Force, creation

Early Childhood Education Task Force, establishment

Educator Retention and Recruitment Task Force, creation

Employment First Council, disabilities, workforce, report

Executive Branch Efficiency Task Force, establishment

Executive orders, review by legislative committees

External child fatality and near fatality review panel, annual report

Financial companies engaged in energy company boycott, report

General Assembly committee meetings, public comment period

Government Contract Review Committee, procedures

Healthcare workforce, shortage, task force

Immunity, granting

Kentucky Committee on Legislative Redistricting, establishing

Kentucky Jail Training Council, required reports

Kentucky Natural Disaster and Tornado Relief and Response Task Force, establishment

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment and Redistricting Commission, consideration of proposal

Legislative Branch Budget

Legislative Branch, legislators compensation

Legislative Ethics Commission, discrimination and harassment complaints, review

Legislative Oversight and Investigations Committee, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, study

Legislative task force, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, creation

Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations Committee, the Jockey Club, reporting

Lottery Trust Fund Task Force, creation

Penal code, study for purposes of future revision

Pre-filing of bills, elimination

Public Assistance Oversight and Advisory Committee, establishment

Public Bank Task Force, creation

Public Charter School Legislative Working Group, creation

Public Pension Oversight Board, membership

Public utility ratemaking, alternative rate mechanisms, implementation, study

Ratepayer Protection Task Force, establishment, duties, membership

Report, statewide trail program, all classes

Resolution, appointment of member, constitutional challenge

Rural infrastructure improvement fund, eligible utility pole replacement, KIA report

School fiscal impact statement, legislation, requirement

Task Force on Election Security, establishment

Tax Expenditure and Economic Development Incentive Review Board, establishment, duties

Tax policy working group, tax return data

Tax return data working group

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