Public Buildings and Grounds

Adult-size changing table, requirement

Capital Avenue, road closure, prohibition

Capitol campus, areas allocated to legislative branch

Capitol Rotunda, addition of Carl Brashear statue

Capitol rotunda, statue of Eula Hall, recommending

Construction plans, educational facilities, local options for review

Construction plans, local options for review

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, conservation easements, eastern Kentucky, purchase

Discrimination, access to electronic devices

Franklin County Courthouse, renaming

Indoor smoking, prohibition in enclosed public places, exceptions

Mental Health Flag, display in Capitol in May

Old State Capitol, preservation

School construction plans, state approval, removal

School facilities construction, prior approval

School facilities, local building plan review, Housing, Buildings and Construction

School property purchase and disposal, prior approval

State Capitol campus, commission, establishment

State property, gender-neutral language

State/Executive Branch Budget

Technical correction

Threats to Kentucky State University and other historically Black colleges and universities, condemn

Vaccine passports, prohibition of requirement

World War II veteran, upon passing, granting family honor of lying in state, Office of the Governor

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