Taxation, Income--Corporate

Airport noise mitigation, income tax credit

Combined reporting, filing basis, change of

Decontamination tax credit, creation

Electric vehicle infrastructure tax credit

Employer contributions, Kentucky Educational Savings Plan Trust, tax credit

Film industry tax credit, cap reduction

Financial institutions, exemption

Historic preservation tax credit

Income tax, community investment tax credit

Kentucky affordable housing tax credit, creation

limited liability entity tax, gross receipts less than $100,000

Nonrefundable tax credit, employer student loan repayment

Organ donation, tax credit established for promotion of

Refundable distilled spirits tax credit

Restaurant revitalization grants

Stillage management tax credit, creation

Sunset of ethanol and cellulosic ethanol tax credits

Tax amnesty program

Tax credit, sustainable aviation fuel consumption

Tax Expenditure and Economic Development Incentive Review Board, establishment, duties

Tax expenditures and incentives claimed, reporting of

Three-factor apportionment formula, reinstatement

Voluntary environmental remediation tax credit, expansion

Last updated: 2/8/2023 2:57 PM (EST)