House Bill 90

Last Action 01/04/22: to Committee on Committees (H)
Title AN ACT relating to coverage for diabetes treatment.
Bill Documents Introduced
Fiscal Impact Statement Health Mandate
Bill Request Number 945
Sponsors D. Bentley, P. Minter, S. Baker, K. Banta, J. Blanton, T. Bojanowski, K. Bratcher, R. Bridges, G. Brown Jr., T. Burch, J. Calloway, M. Cantrell, J. Decker, J. Donohue, D. Elliott, J. Fischer, D. Fister, P. Flannery, K. Flood, C. Freeland, C. Fugate, D. Graham, D. Hale, M. Hart, A. Hatton, R. Heath, S. Heavrin, R. Huff, M. Imes, J. Jenkins, DJ Johnson, K. King, N. Kirk-McCormick, N. Kulkarni, S. Lewis, M. Marzian, C. Massey, B. McCool, S. McPherson, M. Meredith, C. Miller, J. Miller, R. Palumbo, M. Prunty, J. Raymond, B. Reed, S. Riley, R. Roberts, S. Santoro, S. Sharp, S. Sheldon, P. Stevenson, A. Tackett Laferty, W. Thomas, K. Timoney, J. Tipton, T. Truett, K. Upchurch, R. Webber, B. Wesley, S. Westrom, B. Wheatley, L. Willner
Summary of Original Version Amend KRS 304.17A-148 to require that cost sharing for noninsulin drugs and certain equipment and supplies necessary for the treatment of diabetes not exceed certain cost-sharing thresholds; prohibit insurers from conducting or imposing utilization review for diabetes treatment prescribed by a health care provider; EFFECTIVE January 1, 2023.
Index Headings of Original Version Health Benefit Mandate - Diabetes treatment, insurance requirements, health plan
Diseases - Diabetes treatment, insurance requirements
Drugs and Medicines - Diabetes drugs, equipment, and supplies, cost-sharing limitation
Effective Dates, Delayed - Diabetes treatment, insurance requirements, January 1, 2023
Insurance, Health - Diabetes treatment, cost-sharing limitation
Insurance, Health - Diabetes treatment, utilization review prohibition
State Employees - Diabetes treatment, insurance requirements, health plan


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