Attorney General

Abortion, enforcement action, authorization

Abortion reporting audit, report

Actions against Cabinet for Health and Family Services, permitted

Administrative regulation deficiency finding, review

Carrying concealed deadly weapons, all locations, authorization

Civil action, unlawful enforcement, federal firearm laws

Civil action, violations, genetic information

Civil cause of action, civil penalties, deceptive advertising, sound recordings, performing group

Civil penalty, consumer protection, biometric identifiers, collection practices

Constitutionality of statutes, defense

Consumer privacy fund, Office of the Attorney General, restricted fund

COVID-19 vaccination, child, consent, requirement enforcement

Crematory authority, process of alkaline hydrolosis

Election administration communications, disclosure requirements

Equipment manufacturers, penalties

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, member, appointment

Expenditures, challenge of constitutionality

External child fatality and near fatality review panel, membership, appointment

Gender transition procedures, children, prohibition

Health care services agencies, investigation

Hearing officers, Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, disciplinary hearings

Hearing officers, pool, creation and maintenance

Juvenile Justice Oversight Council, nomination of member

Nonrecourse consumer legal funding, regulatory requirements

Prosecutors Advisory Council, nonattorney citizen members, appointment

Search Warrant Task Force, recommendations, encouraging implementation

Social media platforms, candidate protection, antitrust violation enforcement

State contracts, national anthem, default provisions, enforcement

State governmental agencies, companies engaging in energy company boycott, civil action enforcement

State governmental agencies, companies engaging in energy company boycott, divestment

State/Executive Branch Budget

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