Civil Rights

Abortion, exempt rape and incest

Abortion, life or health of pregnant person

Abortion, pregnant person, Jewish faith

Abortion, rights informed, informed consent acknowledgement

Constitutional rights, suits for violation of, allowing

COVID-19 vaccination, child, consent, requirement

Cuba government, condemnation of violation of human rights

Discrimination, access to electronic devices

Discrimination protections, weight

Employment discrimination, requirement of criminal history on job applications, prohibition

Exercise of constitutional rights, dismissal of legal actions, costs

Exercise of constitutional rights, dismissal of legal actions, right to appeal

Facial recognition technology, use by law enorcement, prohibit prior to publication of model policy

Hair texture and hairstyle, expanding the definition of race to include

Hate crime, enhanced term of imprisonment

Human Rights Commission, deadlines, extend

Human Rights Commission, prohibited discrimination, source of income

Immunization, disclosure, objection, conscientiously held beliefs

Implantation of identification devices, cause of action

Indoor smoking, prohibition in enclosed public places and places of employment

Medical care providers, discrimination against for acts of conscience

Medical rights, constitutional amendment ballot language

Nazi Germany, condemnation of violation of human rights

Punitive damages, recovery

Race and protective hairstyles, discrimination in schools, prohibition in disciplinary codes

Recording or photographing peace officers, not unlawful

Right to contract, public employees, collective bargaining, freedom of association

Sexual orientation and gender identity, prohibition of discrimination

Smoking, employment discrimination protections, removal

Social credit scores, prohibition

Social media censorship, elimination

Social media, censorship, elimination, guidelines

Student disciplinary proceedings, due process requirements

Student journalists and student media advisors, protections

Voting rights for felons, constitutional amendment to provide

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